About Our Artists

We are very lucky to have talented artists providing their beautiful works for our products.
  • Mrs. Coffee

    Mrs. Coffee is an oilfield wife, stay at home mom, and crafter. Art has been something she has always wanted to do as a child, but she took the lead with her love of crafting before finally following her dreams of becoming an artist. After 5yr of build a strong Caffeinated Community, she wanted to be able to give back to her loyal coffee beans and the Diamond painting community for the tremendous support they have given her. More than anything, she wanted to share her love of art and crafting, and now she is following that life-long dream. Crafter by day and Doodler by night, she is finally comfortable enough to share the art she has created with the community she loves so much. Mrs. Coffee can be found on youtube, under Mrs. Coffee, sharing her love of crafting. She can also be found on Twitch, as Caffeinated Doodler, streaming art, diamond painting & Cozy Games.

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  • Crafting Journey

    The journey continues on my daily morning crafting talk show. The show where I recap Live trials from YouTube. I feature all different kinds of crafts such as crochet, water color painting, diamond painting, Cross Stitching, adult coloring and much more. Each week I describe and narrate a recent or current live trial. As a retired attorney and nurse, I give you my spin on what happening in the courtroom as well as background on the case itself.

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  • Kaleena Kollmeier

    Kaleena Kollmeier is an artist who is working to grow her own business. Recently completing her degree in Business Management, she has been working to get her artwork, crafting, and photography into the world. She enjoys working with different types of medium and creating works inspired from the world around her and her life experiences. Generally, Kaleena enjoys painting and drawing in a realist format, but also enjoys impressionism, abstract, and illustration. This especially reflects in her digital art, where she likes to create new concepts and try different styles! She's always willing to step outside the box to try new things, and has a lot of concepts to bring to life!

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